Now that you’re more familiar with what paid search is, as explained by Jess last week, let’s dive into the different network options on which to advertise. Please note: this post focuses on Google AdWords but BingAds also has similar network opportunities

Google’s search network reaches users as they’re searching the web. Searching is when someone types in a string of keywords into a search engine (like Google) in order to see relevant results. So, say I’m looking to buy a new ski jacket, I should be served ads that related directly to the search query that I typed in Google’s search bar.

The Display Network

Google’s display network (aka GDN, aka Content Network) is an extension of the search network that reaches users as they’re ­surfing the web. So, say I’m reading my favorite online magazine or watching funny videos on YouTube, ads will be targeted to me based on the content of the site or my past browsing behavior depending upon advertisers’ targeting selections (i.e. keyword/contextual, demographic, interest categories).